Bigg Boss 12 | Public Review | Honest Reaction | Excitement Of Fans


Bigg Boss 12 | Public Review | Honest Reaction | Excitement Of Fans



  1. Deepak Thakur a young man coming from a lower middle class family of a small town of Bihar is giving a tough fight to celebrities like Deepika Kakkar , Shree Santh (criketer) , Megha Dadhe etc . He is being abused again & again by Shree Santh & Megha Dadhe . He was addressed as ‘Bhikari’ , ‘servant’, ‘downgrade’ ,’Taklu’ . ‘gandu’ “senseless’, ‘faltu’ . Megha Dadhe hurled chappal on him twice , She also spitted on him .I dont understand what these so called celebrities think of themselves ?? are they prince/princes of a kingdom ?? In spite of all these Deepak without loosing his temper giving a tough fight to all these hypocrites.He is very strong contestant .If you watch BB 12 pl Vote for this young man.I SAW HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAYS WEEKEND KA WAR . I AM SHOCKED TO SEE SALMAN KHAN HUMILIATING DEEPAK THAKUR THE MAN WHO HAS PLAYED VERY WELL AND CONTROLLED SUCCESSFULLY HIS TEMPER . SALMAN TOO IS INSULTING HIM FOR NO CONVINCING REASON . HIS ONLY MINUS POINT IS HE IS COMING FROM A POOR FAMILY OF BIHAR ??? SALMAN WHY YOU ARE TREATING HIM LIKE YOUR SERVANT ? YOU ARE EARNING CRORES BUT IT DOESNT GIVE YOU RIGHT TO INSULT POOR ON YOUR SHOW . SALMAN PLEASE BE HUMAN FIRST . YOU ARE CRITICIZING THE POOR MAN THE WORST POSSIBLE LANGUAGE . WHO GAVE YOU RIGHT TO TAKE HIS SISTERS NAME IN YOUR EPISODE ?? PLEASE ALSO SEE THE REFERENCE AND CONTEXT OF THE PHRASE ‘CHAL CHALAN ‘ USED BY DEEPAK DURING THE SHOW . ANY PHRASE NEEDS TO BE INTERPRETED WITH INTENTION , EXPRESSIONS ,REFERENCE AND CONTEXT . SALAMAN KHAN WHERE WERE YOU WHEN HE WAS ADDRESSED AS ‘GANDU’ ‘BHIKARI ‘,SERVANT , NOUKAR , FALTU,DOWNGRADE ETC ETC ?????

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