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Family Time With Kapil Sharma Review: First Episode: Game Show Or Comedy Show

Family Time With Kapil Sharma is a full bang on game show but audience were not fully satisfied by it.

Family Time With Kapil Shrama
Family Time With Kapil Shrama

Family Time With Kapil Sharma is a full bang on game show but audience were not fully satisfied by it.

Family Time With Kapil Sharma went on-air on Sunday night at 8:00pm. As the teaser of the new show was being played on Sony Television, my parents asked me to remind them of it in the evening. Well, I guess this not only happened with me but with every family where watching Kapil’s comedy show has been a weekend routine and would have the same Television show on. I was really excited to see his new comeback after ‘The Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma’ and ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ which went off-air following an unpleasant course of events.

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This show is basically a game show in which different families from different states comes to play fun games and win big prizes. The prizes are all sponsored. There is also a new ‘avashkar’ (invention) of Kapil (as he addresses) in which, after scanning the code, you can click selfies with the comedian, in different poses in your home itself. If you look at the show, as a ‘game show’ and not a comedy show, then definitely it is the reason to turn back to your television.

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Well the jokes, comedy and the laughter that came along with the comedian didn’t make me laugh as hard as it did in his previous shows. The format of the show was different from the previous one but still the jokes which were being cracked by the teammates were same and there was nothing new and fresh in it. It seemed like, it was unnecessarily and forcefully done. His two team members Chandan Prabhakar and Kiku Sharda didn’t have anything new to put on the table. Kiku once again was in the female character (Bumper) and Chandan still had the decent role of sevant. They both were given the same character to play which they played previously and relied on the same old jokes which were no longer funny. Navjot Singh Sidhu also came on board for the show. The special seat where he sits was arranged in the beginning of the show.

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There was a new member in the family- Neha Pendse, who was last seen in Life Ok show ‘May I Come In Madam’. She was the co-host of the show but was not saved from Kapil’s generous flirting which he has been doing since his first show. There was only one difference that this time he has advantage to flirt with a real woman. Although the celebrities and their leg-pulling by the comedian was missing. Ajay Devgan also came in the first episode of this game show to promote is movie-RAID and to rise the show’s level. He participated in some of the games put up by the members and enjoyed playing it but his small appearance didn’t satisfied the T.V audience although the studio audience were enjoying the gala time. 

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The set of the game show is quite smaller than his previous set. It can be said that it is a low budgeted show. I miss how Kapil used to interact and engage with the celebs earlier in his show. Though this show is different from the current on going shows on television, still we expect a lot more from him. 

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